New! Turban Headbands

High-quality, textiles handpicked from all over the world by Simran Daya Kaur! 100% handmade - the fabrics are sourced by Simran Daya then sewn locally by a friend. Made with lots of love and care with special attention to every detail. Keeps your hair out of your face and absorbs sweat. Comfortable patterns that fit perfectly. ALWAYS super soft & stretchy, made to fit any sized head.

New! Totes, totes, more totes!

Just like our Turban Headbands, these fabrics are sourced by Simran Daya and 100% handmade and sewn locally. We have tons of funky, elegant and classic patterns to choose from both Lined and Unlined.

New patterns are being added frequently. To stay in the loop and keep up to date on new patterns and designs, give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram or sign up for our newsletter - sign up is on our homepage. ♡


Kimono Sale!

Sophisticated with a delicate embroidered pattern.

One size fits all. Color choices are Cream and Cranberry.

While fabrics last!


Kundalini Classes with Simran Daya Kaur begin February 11, 2020

At Jul Yoga in East Haddam, Connecticut

Join us! This is an ongoing course offered twice a week on the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga. Excellent for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.
Simran Daya Kaur will cover basic breathing techniques, body postures, and relaxation tips to begin or fine-tune meditation and stress relief.


Kundalini and Practical Spirituality with Simran Daya

4 Head Coverings for Kundalini Yoga