How to tie the perfect Kundalini Classics turban

With Simran Daya Kaur

1. Start off by pushing any hair that might normally fall in front of your face back with a headband or hair tie. If you have longer hair pull it back into a pony or bun on top of your head.

2. With the center of the turban placed on the back of your head (right on the occipital bone), hold each end of the turban in your hands so that the ends are even.

3. Criss-cross across the front of your head.

4. Make sure the ends are even!

5. Wrap the turban back around the front.

6. Pull securely downwards.

7. Tuck the ends into your wrap.

8. Free your ears!

9. Free your locks!

10. Enjoy the perfect tight wrap that holds.